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Peripheral Driver Guide


Point of sale peripherals used by retailers are rich in function. To reduce their complexity, we provide drivers for several non-4690 operating systems. Below are the supported APIs, environments and links to guides.

Windows® 2000, XP and 7


OPOS 1.13.4

4614, 4694, 4695, 4674
SurePOS 100/300/500/600/700
Kiosk (selected devices)


JavaPOS™ 1.13.4

4694,  4674
SurePOS 100/300/500/600/700
and Kiosk (selected devices)


AccessPOS 1.1.0

Kiosk (Windows XP)


POSS 5.1.0

4694, 4695, SurePOS 700



JavaPOS for Linux 1.13.4

SurePOS 300/500/600/700


POSS for Linux 1.13.4

SurePOS 700-7x1, 4694-104,106,146,205, 245,206,246, 207, 247, 307 and 347


AccessPOS 1.1.0



DOS 7 and 2000

POSS for DOS 2.2.0

4694, 4695,SurePOS 700-7x2,7x3 (485 Only)


As we expand our support for different operating systems, the number of options also grow. Some legacy operating systems are no longer supported but we do provide drivers on an as-is basis. Please note that support for Windows 98/NT, Windows 2000 and Red Hat Linux has changed.


Our operating system support includes IRES, NLPOS 9, Windows and DOS. This provides you more operating system choices allowing you to better customize solutions to customers needs.

Our support of the retail industries’ OPOS and JavaPOS implementations of UPOS provides you a consistent application interface across all our POS terminals and peripherals. Although we strongly recommend that you develop OPOS or JavaPOS compliant applications, we also provide the Point-of-sale Subsystem C/C++ API for DOS, Linux and Windows. The POSS APIs enable legacy applications to run on a broad set of POS Terminals reducing software maintenance costs.


If you are experiencing a problem that you believe is caused by a POS driver package you downloaded from IBM, please submit a driver question to the Techline team. You may also call 800.IBM.SERV and open a PMR on the DRIVR queue. See these links for currently supported releases of OPOS,  JavaPOS and POSS.  Any problems that you encounter on Windows XP Embedded (XPe) must be reproduced on Windows XP Professional to receive support. Please read our support policy for more details.

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November Release

UPOS 1.13.4 GA

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You can now submit peripheral driver questions on-line.

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Windows 2000

Windows NT 4.0**

Windows XP

Windows 7

Windows XPe/WEPOS




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 SurePOS 100


 SurePOS 300


 SurePOS 500/600


 SurePOS 700




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