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IBM Intelligent Forms Processing (IFP)


IBM's Intelligent Forms Processing (IFP) is a proven solution for capturing data from paper forms. Customers have been using IFP for over 20 years to process mission critical documents.

IBM Intelligent Forms Processing (IFP) is an end to end document processing solution for capturing data from paper forms. It contains a suite of applications with all the functions necessary to implement an enterprise-wide solution:

  • Scanning and image import
  • Forms processing (form recognition and OCR/ICR)
  • Data verification / entry
  • Data export
  • Reports and monitors

Key Features

Industry Solutions

IFP provides specialized configurations for tax processing, HCFA / UB medical claims processing, and EOB forms.

Remittance Processing

IFP supports remittance processing, either through a streamlined process for capturing check amount data, or, for more advanced processing, through an integration with leading 3rd party remittance processing solutions.


IFP provides a remote import / export process for offshore outsourcing, with an optional automated file transfer, and reconciliation reports to track documents and manage turnaround time. You can also enable IFP's data quality control (QC) process to measure and improve the error rate.


IBM has developed and maintains IFP, and can thus customize it as needed. Adding special validations and integrating with custom in-house systems are common examples of where IBM can customize IFP to meet your needs.

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